Frosted Glass Windows examples please scroll through images, we can frost any concept on any type of window

Frosted Glass Windows

Frosted glass windows can create a unique decorative feature that will deliver the degree of privacy required as well as reducing direct solar radiation. 
At Clearlight Designs we sandblast the pattern into the glass. Using a new innovative technique, we can capture the most beautiful detail. The changing natural light throughout the day creates different accents on the artwork, subtle changes occur in the mood of the room, and the atmosphere of the interior space is enhanced.

After total privacy but still, want natural light?

For total privacy opaque glass is ideal. Please see slide 7 above for example. Our sandblasted designs have a white matt finish that has a sharp contrast to the glass.
We specialise in custom work, but if you have your own design that’s great. Even if you just have an idea of a design that’s fine we have a team of illustrators that can bring your design to life. Please email us for a free quote. Email: Call Us 0417 621 127

Please specify if known:
• Size and number of panels
• The thickness of glass eg. 4, 5, 6, 10, 12 or 15mm
• Toughened (necessary for wet areas such as bathrooms)
• Clear or Opaque glass (opaque for total privacy)
• Edgework – Ground or polished
• Design

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Please be advised Clearlight Designs has an 8-week wait list on frosted glass windows.

Frosted Glass Windows

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