LED lighting

LED Lighting

Here at Clearlight Designs, we offer the most advanced LED lighting solutions in the industry. All our Lighted Mirrors come with LED lights as a standard. We have thoughtfully and carefully sourced and selected the top of the range LED lights, and guarantee that each one of our products is carefully tested and checked before leaving our facility.


Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

A Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is a measurement of how precisely a light source is able to project its true colours and is communicated in a spectrum from 0 to 100. Therefore, a higher CRI shows a more precise colour reflection of the face or body.

While other lighted mirror companies use fluorescent tubes that usually have low CRIs of 50, or LED lights which have typically a CRI of 80, Clearlight Designs tops the market. Our LED lights have CRIs at 90+, creating the most natural colour available.

LED lighting

The lifespan of the LEDs

A LED lifespan is expressed in hours and the lumen output naturally decreases over time. This decrease is incredibly slow. Clearlight Designs has sourced LEDs that have an impressive lifespan of more than 70,000 hours. This means our LED lights have a runtime that will last an average of 20 years! That’s equivalent to having the LEDs turned on 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, for just over 20 years. Clearlight Designs is leading the industry with the highest lifespan of LED lights available. However, in the unfortunate event that the LEDs stop working, they can be easily replaced.

The LED temperature aka colour

Halo LED Mirror with Warm White - 3000k

Halo LED Mirror with Warm White – 3000k

Halo LED Mirror with Natural Daylight - 4000k

Halo LED Mirror with Natural Daylight – 4000k

Our standard and most popular LED is the are Natural daylight at 4000k, which is the accurate colour of lighting used when applying makeup. This comes as standard and is featured in all the photos unless stated otherwise. We also offer a Warm White at 3000k (optional). Colour temperature is conventionally expressed in kelvins. The Kelvin is often used as the measure of the colour temperature of light sources. Colour temperature is based upon the principle that a black body radiator emits light whose colour depends on the temperature of the radiator.

If you are not sure or unsure about the colour temperature of the LEDs your local lighting store will have samples of LED colour temperatures on display.


The LEDs are powered by a 12vDC transformer and are 5050 LEDs that output 20 lumens per chip or 1200 lumens per metre. Both our Natural Daylight and Warm White have an output of 14.4 w/m (watts per metre).