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How is the mirror installed?

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Install Guide PDF

There are 2 parts to a Lighted Mirror, 1st part is the Mirror itself and the 2nd part is the aluminium back lightbox containing the lights. The 2nd part is screwed to the wall. Then the LED lights are connected to the power. The mirror is then attached on the Lightbox using our “double twin” split batten system.

Halo Install Guide

The lighted mirrors including ‘Weston’, ‘The Edge’, ‘Halo’, and all ‘Feature Illuminated Mirrors’ they are one unit. That one unit is attached on the supplied “double twin” split batten system.

How is the mirror cabinet installed?

We provide detailed installation instructions when you order. 

The cabinet comes completely assembled. The lights are connected to the power by a licensed electrician. The cabinet is then hung on a “double twin” split batten which comes supplied.

How is the LED Mirror powered and what does the 12-volt driver look like?

Please watch this short video of how to power our LED Mirrors.

Does the 12-volt driver fit behind the mirror ?

Yes we can offer this on request. The 12-volt driver that comes as standard does not fit behind the mirror and the wall, the mirrors are slim, the profile of the driver is thicker then the space between the mirror and the wall. The standard driver needs to be located in the vanity or the ceiling, we do not recommend installing the driver behind the mirror. The reason for this is for easy access to the driver for maintenance.
But we do have slim drivers and can on request install a slim driver behind the mirror for those needing this solution.

How is the light mirror turned on/off?

Think of the Lighted Mirror as a light on the ceiling, Its turned on and off with a light switch on the wall. Just like any other light in the room. Choose to place the switch at the entrance or below the mirror.

What colour temperature LED’s are available?

Our most popular LED’s temp is 4500k which is our standard, known as Natural Daylight, warmer light is available at 3000k. If you would like to compare temperatures local lighting store will have samples of LED colour temperatures on display or an electrician is always happy to help.

Is an electrician required for installation?

An electrician will be required to set up a light switch and power outlet for the driver (transformer for powering the LED lights). The driver can be positioned either under the vanity, in the wall cavity or in the bathroom ceiling.

After the electrician has set up the wall switch and power outlet and installed a low voltage cable into the wall that will connect the driver and the LEDs. It is a simple matter to plug the driver in and connect the low voltage cable between the driver and the LEDs.

Can the lights be replaced?

With 70,000+ hours run time the LED’s lights last on average 20 years. That is having the LED’s turn on 8 hours a day 365 days a year for just over 20 years. Clearlight Designs is leading the industry with the highest lifespan LED lights available but if the unfortunate happens they can be easily replaced. To access the LED’s lift the mirror straight up 25mm to clear the ‘double twin’ split batten system and pull away from the wall. This gives access to the LED lights and from there they can be removed and a new set can be installed.

What happens if the LED lights fail in the door of the Cabinet?

With 70,000+ hours run time on our LED’s, we expect our LED lights to last on average 20 years. That is like having the LEDs turn on 8 hours a day 365 days a year for just over 20 years. But if the LED lights do fail they can be replaced. To access the LED’s back panel of the door is removed by unscrewing the screws. This gives access to the LED lights and from there they can be removed and a new set can be installed.

Will I get that black creep around the edge of the mirror?

The short answer is No, with a couple of rules.

At Clearlight Designs we understand that you want your purchase to last that is why the mirror we use is of the highest quality. We use New Corrosion Free Mirror by AGC, imported from Belgium. They use a silvering process that replaces copper with palladium resulting in a highly durable mirror. The mirror’s backing has an ultraviolet coating for added durability.

The number 1 Rule is:

Bleach will kill your mirror so will Ammonia.

Any kind of bleach or ammonia will corrode any kind of mirror, no matter how expensive or high quality it may be. If you use bleach or ammonia in the bathroom the warranty on a Clearlight Designs mirror will be voided. Any use of toilet bowl flush cleaners this will also void the warranty of a Clearlight Designs Mirror. As small vapour particles containing bleach and or ammonia evaporate into the air, causing corrosion on the mirror. In short, if you want to make your any mirror last. Whether it be ours or any other brand. Do not use bleach or ammonia in any shape or form in the bathroom, or in any room containing a mirror.

What items are in stock?

We keep a beautiful range or Lighted Mirrors and glass panels for display purposes at our factory/showroom. Once an order is placed we start straight away on manufacturing your beautiful mirror, we do this to ensure you get the latest mirror, led and transformer technology. Instead of ordering ready-made stock that is old and depreciated. Contact Clearlight Designs for the latest prices and lead times.

Are your lights dimmable?

Yes, but it is an Extra, to view the ‘Smart Dimmers‘ please click here we can provide dimming and colour changing LEDs. We also offer a dimmable 12-volt Driver (on request) so the LED’s can be dimmed using a traditional Clipsal or other brands dimmer wall control.

What is the brightest Lighted Mirror?

Size and style determine overall brightness. Larger mirrors produce more light. Medium and large ‘Verge’ and ‘Reverb’ Lighted Mirrors have lights on all four sides which produce more light than styles with just two light strips, such as the ‘Eleven’ or ‘Equality’.

The enclosed lightbox of the ‘Verge’ channels all light out the frosted perimeter of the mirror, making it very bright, whereas the wall glow effect of the ‘Reverb’ loses brightness but gains ambience. We will custom build a mirror to your artistic and architectural desire.

Can I just light my bathroom with a Lighted Mirror?

This depends on the size and light style of the mirror and that size of the bathroom. Normal overhead lighting, even if only occasionally used, should be available in addition to Lighted Mirrors.

What does the mirror look like when the light is turned off?

The light strip has the paint and reflective silver sandblasted off the back of the mirror effectively making it “frosted glass”. It looks like frosted glass with no light source behind it.

Can I change the orientation of the mirror from landscape to portrait?

Yes and no. We can only change the orientation of the mirror in production. Split Battens are glued to the mirror so if you would like to change the orientation let us know before we start production.

How is the mirror removed to access the LED lights?

With 70,000+ hours run time on our LED’s the mirror will rarely if ever need to be removed. But to access the LED’s lift the mirror straight up 25mm to clear the ‘double twin’ split batten system and pull away from the wall.

How long does shipping take?

From the date of shipment is only a matter of days within Australia and 7-10 worldwide.

What is your lead time?

Depending on demand the typical lead time for a standard order is from 3 to 4 weeks. For custom orders allow an extra 1 to 2 weeks. Lead time is subject to change until your order is confirmed with payment of the deposit.

What if my product arrives damaged?

If your product arrives with shipping damage you should notify Clearlight Designs immediately and take photos of the damaged product while it is still in its packing crate.  It is important to note with the driver when you sign for the shipment that your crate is damaged. We have 48 hours to make a freight claim. Email Clearlight Designs the photos of the packaging and the damaged product. Don’t install the product before taking photos of the damage.

Do you have a warranty and what does it cover?

Different products and components have different warranties. Want to know more? Please refer to Clearlight Design’s warranty

Do you have your Lighted Mirrors on Display?

Clearlight Designs Lighted Mirrors can be found in resorts and hotels such as The 5-star Shangri-La™ Hotel in Sydney or the Shangri-La™ Marina in Cairns, The Sofitel™ located in Darling Harbour, The brand new 5-star Westin™ Hotel and Resort in Brisbane and the Mercure™ Hotel in Liverpool Sydney. 

To keep the cost down for you the customer we do not have our lighted mirrors in showrooms, (except our own here in Sydney) when you buy directly from our website you are buying directly from our factory, no middleman taking a cut. Doing this we can keep our costs down and we can pass on the savings to you.

You can come and check our space in Sydney, Australia. We have a showroom available at the factory where you can view our range and talk to the designers and creators who know Lighted Mirrors better than anyone.

Can a lighted mirror be recessed?

Absolutely. Although at 20mm to 25mm slim our lighted mirrors are extremely thin, but you can set the Lightbox into a recess so that the back of the mirror is against the wall. The mirror glass is 6mm thick. If you need more information about this just give us a call 02 9905 9570