Clearlight Designs 5 Year Limited Warranty

Clearlight Designs Pty Ltd, ABN 18 615 721 741, of Unit 3/12 Ethel Ave Brookvale NSW 2100, now provides the following Warranty in respect of Illuminated Mirror (“Mirror Product”) for the benefit of the end-user of the Mirror Product (“Buyer”).

Warranty update: All products purchased before January 2019 will have the original 3-year product Warranty. All products bought after Jan 2019 come with a 5-year Warranty

Clearlight Designs 5 Year Limited Warranty

Clearlight Designs Pty Ltd, ABN 18 615 721 y741, of Unit 3/12 Ethel Ave Brookvale NSW 2100, now provides the following Warranty in respect of Illuminated Mirror (“Mirror Product”) for the benefit of the end user (“Buyer”) of the Mirror Product. This is a Domestic Warranty only, international exported orders will not have this warranty.


Clearlight Designs warranty is not transferable


  1. Warranty – period and details


Clearlight Designs, warrants to the original buyer, subject to the conditions of this Warranty and in particular the conditions in Clause 2 (Conditions), that Clearlight Designs mirror product(s) will be free from defects due to faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date on which the Mirror Product/s are sold to the original buyer. Clearlight Designs Pty Ltd will, at its discretion and subject to the conditions below, replace, refund or make repairs to its Mirror Product/s shown to have defects in materials or workmanship that hinders the performance of the Mirror Product, providing said faults or defects are made known to Clearlight Designs in writing within 5 years from the day of purchase. This warranty is limited to the elements of the Mirror Product.

The term “Mirror Product” refers to the mirror panel, LEDs, demister, supporting structure and driver.


  1. Conditions


This warranty will not apply in the event of conditions indicating:

  • abnormal use or stress, such as excessive operating temperatures or unusually high humidity, • under/over voltage conditions, 
  • excessive switching cycles or operating hours, 
  • abnormal wear and tear. 

This warranty will also not apply to mirrors that are installed in a different way to the way that has been recommended in the installation guide. Clearlight Designs does not warrant its electronic components to be compatible with future technology standards. 


Clearlight Designs will not, under any circumstances, whether as a result of a breach of contract or warranty, tort or otherwise, be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages, including lost revenues or profits or any other costs or damages. Any liability against Clearlight Designs under any implied warranty, including the warranty of merchantability, is expressly limited to the terms of this warranty and shall not under any circumstances exceed the price paid to Clearlight Designs for the product. 


Clearlight Designs reserves the right to inspect all failed product components and determine, in its sole discretion, whether any product components are defective and covered under this warranty. This warranty does not cover removal or installation costs of products. 


This Warranty does not cover labour costs associated with uninstallation and/or reinstallation of replacement parts. e.g. If the LED lights and or LED driver (transformer) were to malfunction Clearlight Designs will not reimburse the costs associated with the removal of the mirror panel to access the LED lights and/or the driver.

Nor will Clearlight Designs reimburse the shipping cost associated with the return of the malfunctioned mirror panel, LED lights, demister or driver.


Clearlight Designs will only replace malfunctioned parts when the malfunction parts are shipped back to Clearlight Designs. Once Clearlight Designs deems that the parts are faulty and are covered by Clearlight Designs warranty will Clearlight Designs send out replacement parts.

Clearlight Designs will cover the cost of replacement the LED lights, the demister and the driver and shipping costs to send the replacement parts back to the original buyer.

Clearlight Designs will not be responsible or reimburse the labour costs associated with the reinstallation of the replacement parts (LED lights, driver and demister).


The warranty for the replacement parts does not reset from the date of replacement.

e.g. If mirror parts were replaced 2 years into the 5-year warranty, the replacement parts will not be replaced again. During any period, only a single replacement applies.


This Warranty only applies if each of the following conditions is satisfied at all times from the time of taking possession of the Mirror Product:


  1. The Mirror Product must be protected from, and not come in contact with, hard foreign objects, metals and materials likely to cause abrasive damage, this includes but is not limited to a wall, or splashback, or any other hard surface during or after installation. Unsuitable cleaning aids such as steel wool, scouring bristles or other metallic or abrasive materials or cleaning products must not come into contact with the Mirror Product ;


  1. Installation, of the Mirror Product, must be entirely following the manufacturer’s recommendations as explained in Mirror Product’s Installation Guide and the Mirror Product must not be damaged in any way before or during installation;


  1. Care and Maintenance of the Mirror Product must be entirely following the manufacturer’s recommendations as addressed below, (also explained in Mirror Product’s Installation Guide)


  1. The Mirror Product must be installed in a manner that prevents prolonged contact with moisture in general, but especially, at the glass edge. The painted surface on the back of the mirror must not rest on the wall or splashback or any other object, be it soft or hard, that may allow moisture to accumulate, thereby potentially cause the tarnishing of the silver coating on the mirror.


  1. The Mirror Product must NOT be exposed to:
  • bleach or associated vapours,
  • ammonia or related vapours,
  • mists from toilet bowl flush cleaners,
  • chemical vapours or gases other than those present in regular clear atmospheric air,
  • prolonged exposure to water or moisture
  • Soapy water


  1. The Mirror Product is for interior use only


  1. The Mirror Product operating temperature range -15°C to 45°C


FREIGHT: Clearlight Designs will replace any of its products damaged in transit if notified within five days of receipt of shipment. Notification of damaged goods must include a copy of the Proof of Delivery (POD), a description of the damaged goods, as well as photos of the damaged product/s. If the product/s or packing box/s arrive visibly damaged, the extent of damage must be clearly detailed on the POD receipt.


CLAIMS: Claims under this warranty should be made directly with Clearlight Designs using the contact form on our website. After contacting Clearlight Designs and receiving a Return Authorization Item Number, the Claimant must promptly arrange for the return of the mirror product at the claimant’s expense to Clearlight Designs after receiving instructions with regard to when to ship and to which address to ship the product. 

The claimant may use the shipping company used by Clearlight Designs and request a quote from Clearlight Designs for the Mirror product to be returned to Clearlight Designs.  

Then once the Mirror product is repaired, or a replacement mirror product is manufactured the mirror product will be shipped to the claimant with the delivery cost paid by Clearlight Designs. 


This warranty shall be void in the event of misuse or noncompliance with the above recommendations. Clearlight Designs accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any damages incidental or otherwise further to those expressed within the specified terms of the Mirror Product Warranty.


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In the case of a warranty claim, the mirror must be returned to Clearlight designs at the claimant’s expense. If the claim is successful the replacement mirror will be returned with the delivery cost of the replacement mirror paid by Clearlight designs.

The claim must be made in writing after first contacting Clearlight Designs by phone.