Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass changes ordinary windows, glass doors or balustrade panels into works of functional art. The changing natural light throughout the day creates different accents on the artwork, subtly altering the mood of a room.

Frosted designs reduce solar heat as well as providing a unique decorative feature. Available on clear glass, or to assure 100% privacy, we also sandblast designs on opaque acid frosted glass. The subtle contrast between the satin finish of acid frosted glass and the matte finish of the sandblasted designs provides an intriguing visual impact. Great for windows and commercial applications where privacy is a prerequisite.

Our sandblasted frosted designs are permanent unlike the imitation sandblasted effect on vinyl film that deteriorates quickly over time. Then comes the difficult task of removing the film.

Please be advised Clearlight Designs is in high demand for frosted glass, please be patient.