MNG Ecological Mirror

So what is MNG Ecological Mirror? Or more simply what is a Mirror?

A mirror is a panel of glass with a reflective coating applied to the back surface of the glass. This reflective surface is protected by a layer of paint. Turn the panel of glass over and look through the glass into the reflective surface.

The reflective coating is typically a mixture of copper and silver. The copper tarnishes over time which is when you see that black creep appears around or in the mirror. This is found in cheap inexpensive mirrors. This is not a problem at first but the problem appears over time. Hence the life expectancy of an inexpensive mirror will only be around 12 months to 24 months. Depending on the environment it is in. In a high humidity environment or coast environment, the life of the mirror could be reduced to months.

Clearlight Designs prides itself on using the highest quality mirror available to avoid this problem. We use MNG Ecological Mirror by AGC, imported from Belgium.

MNG Ecological Mirror stands up to these challenges with beautiful reflectance and uncompromising durability using a patented, copper-free manufacturing process.

MNG Ecological Mirror is AGC most beautifully reflective and durable mirror, providing unparalleled protection against corrosion, chemicals, moisture and abrasion while adding beauty and elegance to any room

New Generation Mirror (MNG), a copper-free and corrosion resistant mirror, is part of the family of ecological mirrors developed and patented by AGC Glass Europe.

All MNG Ecological Mirror info including the image above is the property of AGC Glass Europe.